Monday, September 3, 2012

Sneak Peek at Warrenton Bound Goodies

Loading trailers, kind'a like Santa loading his sleigh!!!!
Here are a few pics of a few items I am tucking in my sleigh!!! No staging, just glad I got a few pics!!
 Cute legs!!
 I like a little rust!
 Gotta love some galvanized!

 Ring around the tree....
More glimpes of the future Warrenton bound items... coming!!!


  1. Effie, I must have that tree skirt. Can you please email me the price ( Thanks, Theresa and so looking forward to seeing you!!

  2. Well darn, Theresa got to it first! ha! I was just going to ask how much the tree bench is! Love it! We're stop by and say hi and I'm sure shop a lot at Warrenton.

  3. I too like the rusted iron items! Hope to see more pictures soon.
    ~ Mehul
    Indiana Limestone