Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ironstone, Vintage Posters, Winter Pic Oh My

Ironstone and funnels how fun
 These 2 posters, don't know the age.... but the admission price was 1.00 and .50 for students.  Aggies were admitted free w/card.  Volkov was a russian engineer that defected to US....  and St John was a author and former NBC person who went to class with Ernest Hemmingway.... teacher kept them both after class and told them they had not future in writing.....  both had interesting lives.... Funny things people save and then get rid of...  Of course people will say the same for me...

 Then this picture is just so we can cool off from the 100+ heat we have had for about 30 days.....  I can take the heat.... but dislike the cold.
Hope you have had a great weekend.... Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Oh fun finds...and I'd love to dive right into that print to cool off!