Sunday, May 22, 2011

Proud of Little Sis

I just have to brag on my little sis.....

She decided it would be fun to compete in a reality Trail Horse Competition.....

So she called and asked if she could borrow a horse.  Of course the answer was a YES!!!

So off she went on her adventure.... now we have ridden about all our lives... more in our younger days.  She thought it would be fun to compete in an area that she had never competed in.  She borrowed my youngest sons' horse and off they went.  The horse, Quincey, had been out in the pasture for about 2.5 years... time off she earned I guess since she and my son finished college.  (luckily he had a full-time career and her career was eating and enjoying life)

So off she went with Quincey..... they had 2 weeks to get ready.... which is not much time AT ALL!!!!  But it was an adventure and they represented themselves well.  They didn't move on to the next level of competition, but atleast they were satisified with their presentation.

I am proud of her for giving it a try and having a blast!!!!  Way to go Becky!!!!

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  1. Effie, thank you so much for praying for me, I so appreciate you!! Looks like your sis had a blast. Thanks again and hope to see you soon, Theresa