Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow, snow go away

OK, we have been thundered, rained, sleeted on, snowed and iced.... here are a few pics... it was pretty enough this morning to snap a few pics.

 Chip's Saw Blade
 Cole's toys (from years gone by)
 Old farm piece
 Appreciate indoor plumbing..
 Old toys
 Gift from my boys!

I know there are lots more people that have it much worse and for longer than what we do...  I don't complain in the summer, because I sweat well.... so I can whine in the winter when it's cold and I can't spend all the time outside that I want to....


  1. I wish it would snow in TN more often... I love it!! I think it is so pretty... But that blizzard was pretty hard on people I'm sure! but...Love your snowy tour!! And such an adorable face at the end there!! :)

  2. Effie, We will all be heading to your neck of the woods soon! We will come and see you when we get there. Good luck and I hope everything goes smooth for you