Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aggie De Ju Vue

See the year on there!!!

It was only fitting that prior to my oldest son's birthday... I should locate a calendar from the year he was born....

What makes it even more interesting is that it is a Texas A&M felt calendar....

He was my child who early on decided that he was going to be an Aggie. 

Wouldn't apply to other universities.... no sir....  which as a mom makes you a little nervous... from the 4th grade on he for sure knew he would bleed Maroon.

It was a happy day when we received his acceptance letter....

So I thought it only fitting that I found this calendar.... I am going to enclose it in a shadow box that I am building ....  he can stick a few other Aggie memories in there if he chooses.

I am very fortunate to have 2 sons that graduated from Texas A&M.... '02 & '07 Gig' Em....  Love those Aggies ....


  1. I wish we had some warmth to send your way. It is TOO cold to be the South! Hope all is going well with you and your family. See you in the spring!

  2. I love those Aggies too.
    All three of our daughters graduated from there.
    What a great find!

    I hope your year is going well-
    Is it cold there?

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