Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back Home and Puppies

Left for shows and left Mr. Junque Slinger in charge of all animals...
He was such a good sport even though he is not a enjoyer (is that a word) of all my pets....
They love him, much to his dismay.....
I left him w/8 puppies to be in charge of.... he did wonderful job and now they are all grown up.....

This little one will go to my son and his fiance.... she is a cutie
Notice what good care the hubs and Izzy did w/all the pups...

How can you not love a face like that.... and they even have puppy breath now..... such sweeties...

Thanks Mr. TJS for such a good job of raising pups these last several weeks.
If I had known what a good job he would do I might have left our 2 sons w/him a little more..... Grins!!


  1. Effie,
    It was nice to see you again, although time never seems to allow us to make it back through Bar W! I hope you had a great show and we will look forward to seeing you and your sweet Mom again in the Spring. The puppies are adorable!

  2. Oh my heart...I want one! Gracie, however, would never understand; it would be like making Grandma share a room with a toddler! :)

    They are adorable and obviously had good care in your absence!

  3. What sweet looking pups. Sorry I didn't get to stop over at your booth, I didn't get out much this time. Thanks so much for praying for my MIL!