Monday, August 23, 2010

The Birdmen in my Life

I would like for you to meet some of my new friends.... I think we need a few good men to take care of the birds in the coming months....I think that the birds would be all chirppy about these guys taking care of them

Mr. Mush
Mr. Low Rider

Mr. Tin Man... where is Dorothy?

Mr. Mystery

Mr. Nosey
Don't you think someone at some of the upcoming shows should get a new man in there life???


  1. Hi..stumbled upon your blog via my blog and I follow some that you do....anyway, are you the Effie Dobson that went to Keller High School?? If so, I am Cathy Westbrook Guess from KHS!!! Still married to Steve, and have a business with a friend known as Girls Gone Junkin! We have been in Canton for 3 yrs. now and have a permanent location. Would love to hear from you, our web site is and my e-mail is