Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Radar and Picnic Baskets

Look at this cool old game.... don't you just love the graphicsIt evidently made you a quiz kid if you could play....

Don't you like how I reversed the text.... makes you either think you are dyslexia or becoming that way..... just thought I would check and see if you were paying attention.

I think it looks good in the old Five and Dime basket that I also found this weekend... reminds me of going into Winn's and doing a little shopping....

I like picnic baskets.... my guys think this is a little too many... but hey I guess they haven't noticed all the others around the house.... you know how observant guys can be....atleast about the important things like picnic baskets.... Grins

1 comment:

  1. Hi Effie, I like your picnic baskets - I don't care what the guys think! Will you be in F'burg next weekend. E-mail me if you are! foundaround@centex.net Soon...Susan