Sunday, April 25, 2010

Time and Treasures

WOW, it has been a fast and furious world since my last post.....

Warrenton... was GREAT!!!!! Had a great time and met several virtual friends. Had a blast w/Anne and Kari, 2 truly talented ladies. Of course my mom was always there smiling!!!

We were quite busy and I really didn't take many pictures... never even hardly left the booth. I had my wonderful mom helping me and really enjoyed her company. She has since had a total shoulder replacement... I tell her she is the bionic grandmother now... so she is at my place recouping since surgery.... needless to say it has been a wild ride.

I have managed to locate some goodies.


  1. One day, I'm going to a Texas flea market!!!!

    I hope it is soon. LOL



  2. Looks like you got some really cool old clocks there! And is that a lantern? Whatever it is, it looks awesome!

    Say hi to mama for me!


  3. Effie,
    We have been going and coming and are just settling back down. Give your Mom our wishes for a speedy recovery! We enjoyed seeing you again this spring and were sorry that we never got back down to visit before we left. We will be back at Marburger in the fall so we will stop by to catch up! Again, tell your Mom that she will be in our prayers and we expect to see her lifting weights in the fall with her bionic arm!! Love to you, ALice and Jay (Spence and Frances too)