Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year & Countdown

I am so full of ideas but I just don't take the time to post.... resolution... Post Daily....

I have started my countdown to spring and spring reminds of WARRENTON.... purchased another trailer to haul delightful goodies in.... I have the big Mamma trailer and now I have a more a smaller version... it will be great fun to fill....

Anne... are you looking at this.... we are going to have sooooo much fun....
I will need to make a new sign for it... or maybe I should just go incognito
Happy New Year to all.... May God guide us through it.


  1. Yes, I am looking at this! And it's so exciting!
    I think we need to talk, cuz some people have many trailers and some have none...that's me pouting! ;-)
    I need to call you, I have an idea...

    Talk this weekend!

  2. Kinda hard to slide in unnoticed pulling a big ol' mama jama trailer...junkers always want to know what you're hauling and want to be the first to look!