Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Wrangler and Izzy

I am so sad to say that my dogs have been stolen. They were such great pals.... I have ads in paper, Craigslist, notified everyone I can find.... but then I found out that a customer of ours had his dog stolen same night and he lives a couple of miles from us. I don't know why people want to take my pals..other than they are very pretty and wonderful pals.. I miss Wrangler and Izzy... I referred to them as our Brinks security system... they are sweethearts....
They always checked out all of my new junque finds and usually approved and slept wherever I was working... in front of the workshop, trailer, etc. They were those types of dogs that you know will be w/you for many years...
I hope they are returned... but I have to admit I am afraid they will not!!! Here is a picture of them in the kennel, where they would sometimes stay when need be... otherwise they stayed in the yard. My son's dog that I am dog sitting wasn 't taken, he was in his crate, where he spends his night... because he is such a wild child.

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  1. Oh no!!!
    I don't know why people are so awful. There are plenty of shelter animals that need homes, why would they feel the need to steal yours?

    Yet another reason why I like (most) animals more than people!