Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Junque Jumping in!!

Warrenton was a blast!!! I jumped in full speed and never regretted it.....I met so many new friends and even managed to sell some items.

Thanks so much to all who came by and I look forward to meeting even more in the Spring of 2010.....

I have so enjoyed lurking in the past at all the wonderful, inspiring bloggers...that I decided to join the fun. Hope I will be able to contribute to all the wonderful ideas and T2T fun!


  1. Okay Effie, time to get busy! Woo Hoo, I'm officially your first follower. But the first of many, I'm sure. Best wishes on what I'm sure will be a most successful and highly entertaining blog.

  2. Yeah E!!!!!
    I'm so glad that you decided to join us in blogland!!!!

    (Doing the spazzy dance for E!)